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Themed Trivia


Party Central offers our own twist on a popular night out out. We took the normal trivia night and made it more fun and more interactive. We use a set of electronic remotes and presentations to run the trivia. Instead of a person just standing there asking questions. Our system is secret so no one really knows who is winning! Its all part of the fun.

game show ilve for trailer.jpg

Our themed trivia nights, we call it game show live as its much like a real game show! Game show live is a fun way to see who is the smartest of friends, co-workers or just anyone! We can custom make the questions to suit a theme for your party. We include videos, sounds, songs, pictures and just general questions. The sky is the limit.


Our hosts are fun and make the night enjoyable with a bit comedy and loads of laughs. At the end of the night we do an announcement to who got the most points. We setup each night differently and can do any number in a team, depending on size of the groups. We have had teams of 10 to teams of 2, or even just table numbers. It's completely up to you. 

If you want to know more give us a call or send us and email and we can provide you with any information required, or to make bookings.

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