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Side Show Alley

Side Show Alley is the newest addition to our interactive events line up.

with up to 5 separate games you and your friends can go head to head in a contest to see who can get the best score. 

Each game has a set number of try's to get the best possible score. Every game is fairly simple just like a real show arcade game.

Side Show Alley is suitable not just for adults but children party's as well. Great for large scale team building events or just a bit of friendly competition. Can be used as a promotional event as well.

We also have our outdoor version that is a large inflatable with 4 separate games. Perfect for kids birthdays or adult parties during the day!

We are constantly adding new games to our Side show alley event to make it larger or smaller. Depending on your needs the event can be scaled to suit your event size and location as well.

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