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Survivor themed events.


We let you decide what to do at the end but can accommodate your choice of ending. Whether it be Prizes for winners, or outstanding participants (these must be provided by you) or just bragging rights for your co-workers or friends to talk about. The possibility's are endless.

Give us a call or send us a message on our contact page for more information. We can discuss the different options for you. We are more than happy to customize the experience for you group. 

Party Central Australia brings a whole new way to have a great time. We created a themed activity based on the all popular TV show Survivor. This event can be used for many different groups. From workplace team building to Christmas party's or just a bunch of mates wanting to have a fun day. 

Our Survivor event uses puzzles and physical activity's (not to strenuous our oldest player so far was 65) for each team to gain points. At the end of each round points are counted and the team at the end of the day with the most points wins. All players play all games until the final ultimate survivor round.

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