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Party Central DJ's

This page is dedicated to some of our DJ's. Get to know them as they may be at your event! Here is a little information about the guys behind the music. 


Name : Adrian - DJ A-Bomb

Years Experience: 4


DJ Style : Weddings, Formals, School Discos (Lutheran and Catholic Schools), Kids party's, Corporate Functions. Exceptional MC and Party Host.

Info about Adrian:

Adrian has entertained for over 10 years from weddings to corporate events. His love for being a funny but professional MC is his passion. He his well renowned around the Fraser Coast for being the MC you want at your Wedding or formal event. He started Party Central Australia to bring great entertainment for all types of events. The business grew with A-Bomb at the reins setting himself up to be the best MC in the region. His DJ skills and microphone skills sets himself up for even local private religious schools, to-be brides and company's requesting his services at their next function. He is the man almost every school in the region requests to be the DJ and party host for their formals and discos.

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Name : Matt - DJ Skweek

Years Experience : 9

DJ Style : Nightclubs, Weddings, Formals, Corporate Functions, Birthdays, Kids Discos, Deb Balls. MC and Party Host.

Info about Matt:

Starting out as a mobile DJ hiring out to friends and family Matt started small and worked up. After 2 years of working for himself he started working for a Professional DJ company doing training for Nightclubs, Weddings and Formal Gigs. For 3 years he rotated around clubs and venues hosting formal weddings and functions, also featuring at many different Nightclubs. Matt moved to the Fraser Coast and was resident in a local nightclub for a year then joined the team at Party Central. For well over 2 years he has been hosting everything from the local club scene to fun kids blue light discos as well as weddings being booked out months in advance. He is constantly requested as the preferred DJ for a Local Kids club and 2 local Venues. With almost 10 years experience in the entertainment industry he loves the job and does it well.

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Name : Aidan - Wicked Sinz

Years Experience : 7

Dj Style : Nightclubs, Weddings, Formals, Corporate Functions, Birthdays, Kids Discos, Deb Balls.

Info about Aidan:

A party master, Wicked Sinz started off as a DJ at the ripe old age of 16. Having never touched a player in his life he quickly learnt the ins and outs. Starting out as a DJ ot birthday parties and disco’s, he worked his way up the ranks to hold multiple residences and headline numerous festivals and club nights in Victoria. Fresh to “The Bay” Wicked Sinz has already started making waves at the local stomping grounds, often DJing along side his good friend DJ Skweek.

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